3 Steps to Help you Define Your Profitable Niche

Good morning! (or afternoon/evening/middle of the night if you're a Mom up with your kids)

And yes. I am 100% a morning person, you can usually catch me on IG with my signature RISE + SHINE greeting, building lego with my kiddos or attempting to get a workout in. I've also gotten really good at being a night owl now that I am a Mom of 3.

So the other night as I was up with my 2 month old I was thinking back to when I was getting ZERO clients from my website and ZERO traction on social media.

I remember thinking about who I was serving. I was CONSTANTLY switching it because of what I saw OTHER people doing and what I saw THEY were being profitable with. I was afraid to get specific because "what if NOONE hires me?!"

Sound familiar?

Want to know what happened when I got SUPER niche? My social following grew, I woke up to "*ping!* you've made a sale!" on Sunday mornings and I was getting inquiries right through my website.

I know that choosing a niche can feel scary and daunting. But it is worth it. And here's the thing. It's YOUR business, you can always pivot.

So how to find your niche?

Step 1: Select the market you are most interested or passionate about serving

A market is an industry in which you will be conducting business. Some examples are: health, fitness, accounting, social media, branding, advertising.

Step 2: Select a market segment that you feel passionate about helping

A market segment is a specific group of people within a market that have common characteristics. Some examples are: entrepreneurs, mothers, college students, specific professions.

Ask yourself these 10 questions:

1. What are your passions?

2. What are your skills?

3. What are you good at?

4. What can you give advice on?

5. What seems effortless to you? A niche is a narrow focus within an area of interest. This means you have to go deeper to find a niche that is perfect for you.

6. What can you get paid for?

7. Is there a demand for it?

8. Can you go narrower?

9. Does it make you happy?

10. Can you scale?


Step 3: Validate your market segment

Based on the research you have collected from your phone interviews with this market segment determine whether or not you can work with them.

  • What is the common problem this market segment experiences?
  • Is this problem significant to them and do they want to solve it?
  •  Are people already paying for a solution to this problem?


Alright! Now - evaluate if you are able to solve this problem and how you would do it.

Then we can put everything together, finalize your niche, and create your positioning statement. Write down the market segment and the problem that you solve using this format:

“I help [ market segment ] [ problem you are solving ] “

Example: “I help mompreneurs get 6 pack abs”

Drop your positioning statement below and any questions you have - I will help you clarify it in the comments!



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