Why do some Instagram Reels flop and others go viral?

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2022

Most "IG experts" out there will tell you that you just need to use trending audios or fun transitions in order to go viral, gain thousands of followers and your business will forever be set.

This could not be further from the truth. Now don't get me wrong, YES it could happen - anything is possible and it just might! But you don't want to go viral for the wrong reasons.

So when you're scrolling through Instagram - what should you focus on? Finding the latest greatest trending audio - or your content?

The answer to this is literally the reason why one reel gets tons of views while another falls flat on its face.

I know that it can be ohhh so tempting but you should try and stop yourself from creating reels that are purely following the trend. Instead I want you to take a breather for a moment and consider what content your audience will find valuable from you. THEN you can decide the best way to communicate this and what audio to use.

This is why it's a good idea when you are scrolling through Reels to copy the audio link into a Google Doc or your Notes app and if you've got an idea - write it down right then and there.

I want you to seriously sit down and consider what video content your audience will find valuable from you, then work out how best to create/communicate that idea second (audio included).

For the first time in a LONG time, something on Instagram has a long shelf life - REELS. So if you're shying away from using them I am here to tell you to get messy, have fun and don't worry about what anyone thinks, you are there to SERVE and help your MVP's (most valuable players - AKA ideal clients) above all.

Besides - how did a song even start trending in the first place? Someone made a video with it, people loved it, found it entertaining, useful, etc. and re-used it. REPEAT REPEAT. So why can't YOU be that person that starts the trend? Take your own path friend :).

Long story short - quit letting your ego be concerned with vanity metrics and instead please consider the trends you're taking part in. Are they actually benefitting your business in some way - are you seeing your audience grow with ideal clients or seeing sales, or are you just getting a lot of views and low conversion from that? OR are you getting low views and no sales? I would rather create a reel that ended up with 32 views, yet answered a need or desire for someone and ended in an enquiry, than create a trending reel and reach 150k people who didn't really care.

Catch my drift? ;)

So if you're going to create some Reels - consider the body of the content first and ask yourself if it's actually helping your ideal client, ticking off the boxes for your overall strategy or are you just crossing your fingers and trying to go viral?

Don't forget - YES you want to build influence within your audience but you're not out there trying to be an influencer - you're an ENTREPRENEUR - there's going to be a difference in the way that you create content.

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