How to Increase Website Conversions on Your Coaching Website

Hey gorgeous! There are a lot of moving pieces to websites and getting that conversion (aka the SALE) is key. I've created this super quick checklist as a way for you to have a benchmark of what should or shouldn't be on your website to make sure it primes website visitors to become paying clients. 

  1. Your logo is clear and readable AND is linked to your homepage
  2. Your logo is placed on the top left or top center of your website
  3. Your navigation items make it clear how to work with you, how to read about you and your company, and the services you provide.
  4. You have a "hook line" ABOVE the fold (before any scrolling) to connect instantly
  5. Your header image represents what you do (images with people in them convert WAY better)
  6. What you do is CLEAR and above the fold
  7. You have at least one call-to-action button (or link) above the fold
  8. You have a way to collect an email address above the fold (or pop-up)
  9. Visitors can learn about who you are and what you do on the FIRST page of your site
  10. You are using copy or tools to create a sense of urgency
  11. The copy on your homepage speaks to client or customer RESULTS
  12. You are answering common questions or objections on your homepage
  13. Your homepage introduces your"offer" or productsimmediately afterintroducing
    yourself or your company.
  14. You have compelling testimonials or case studies on your website that are EASY to
    find and visible. Preferably on the homepage.
  15. You have before/after photos or stories?
  16. Your pricing or starting price is visible. If not, there is an expectation of when they
    will get pricing (i.e. after consult call)
  17. There is a clear time-commitment listed on yousite. If you sell products this may not be applicable.
  18. It is CLEAR WHO this product or service is for.
  19. Important dates are visible (i.e. program starts XX day)
  20. Your unique promise is visible somewhere:What makes you different, why should they choose your products or services
  21. The VALUE of your product or service is clear even if pricing is not listed
  22. You have a footersection that includes:
    Your logo - logo is linked to homepage
    Email collection
  23. Your blog is up to date (if not remove the dates posted)
  24. You have AT LEAST one image of yourself and your team on the website - people are much more likely to remember a person and people BUY from PEOPLE.
  25. You have at least one FORWARD-FACING
    image of you on the website (these perform better on sites)
  26. If you have a video on the site, it DOES NOT play automatically, or if it does it has no sound
  27. Your copy is written in the voice of your brand consistently throughout the site (i.e.
    "I" vs"We")
  28. You have an FAQ section
  29. Your social media is linked and highly visible on the homepage orsite footer
  30. You have an email address listed in addition to your contact box
  31. If you have a physical location, that islisted possibly with a MAP
  32. You are using the SAME fonts for Header, Sub-header, and body of your website
  33. You are using the same color palette (no more than 5 colors orso) throughout the
  34. You have DETAILS about the transformation your service or product can offer(not just the "thing", but how it changes their life).
  35. You can clear policies and/or guarantees (promises, shipping, returns, etc)
  36. It is clear how the product or service is delivered (i.e. is it a digital download)
  37. It is clear what the NEXT STEPS are (i.e. will you call them, email them details, shipping confirmation, etc)

Have a question about your website or would like me to give it a quick complimentary audit? Comment below with your email!




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