3 Steps to Help you Define Your Profitable Niche

Good morning! (or afternoon/evening/middle of the night if you're a Mom up with your kids)

And yes. I am 100% a morning person, you can usually catch me on IG with my signature RISE + SHINE greeting, building lego with my kiddos or attempting to get a workout in. I've also gotten really good at being a night owl now that I am a Mom of 3.

So the other night as I was up with my 2 month old I was thinking back to when I was getting ZERO clients from my website and ZERO traction on social media.

I remember thinking about who I was serving. I was CONSTANTLY switching it because of what I saw OTHER people doing and what I saw THEY were being profitable with. I was afraid to get specific because "what if NOONE hires me?!"

Sound familiar?

Want to know what happened when I got SUPER niche? My social following grew, I woke up to "*ping!* you've made a sale!" on Sunday mornings and I was getting inquiries right through my website.

I know that choosing a niche can feel scary and daunting....

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