How To Use Your Message to Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients

If you've done your research on EXACTLY who your target client is, then you already have a long list of the ways you can help them.

You may even feel frustrated because you KNOW you can do an incredible job helping them, you just haven't yet attracted the client.

It's time to face a little tough love and be honest with yourself: Are you showing up as the expert? Are you creating content that transforms people? Do you have a presence that shows your audience that without a shadow-of-a-doubt you can help them reach their goals?

Think of someone you follow - why do you follow them? What is it that has you wanting to see their stories, opt-in to their email list and join their program?

Step into the CEO that you know you are, starting now, and that energy will come through in everything you do.

I used to struggle with this big time - but FINALLY before I attracted my first client online, I knew EXACTLY the type of person who I wanted to work with, and how I could help them! You should...

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