How to Increase Website Conversions on Your Coaching Website

Hey gorgeous! There are a lot of moving pieces to websites and getting that conversion (aka the SALE) is key. I've created this super quick checklist as a way for you to have a benchmark of what should or shouldn't be on your website to make sure it primes website visitors to become paying clients. 

  1. Your logo is clear and readable AND is linked to your homepage
  2. Your logo is placed on the top left or top center of your website
  3. Your navigation items make it clear how to work with you, how to read about you and your company, and the services you provide.
  4. You have a "hook line" ABOVE the fold (before any scrolling) to connect instantly
  5. Your header image represents what you do (images with people in them convert WAY better)
  6. What you do is CLEAR and above the fold
  7. You have at least one call-to-action button (or link) above the fold
  8. You have a way to collect an email address above the fold (or pop-up)
  9. Visitors can learn about who...
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