So let me guess, you're a crazy busy entrepreneur who wears A LOT of hats.
Things like... business owner, mom, wife, 24/7 snack maker, laundromat, personal driver, appointment maker...the list goes on..

Yet you know deep down you're meant for for big things.

It might seem like motherhood has overtaken your life and I know that while you love being a Mom you want to be able to have something that is all your own. I mean, you didn't go get that college/university degree because you had zero ambition right?

I'm guessing it's the opposite. You've actually got massive goals and dreams and showing up as the stressed out Mom to your kids is the worst feeling when all you're trying to do is grow your business so you can build an amazing life for your family.

You're tired of not getting clients, feeling stressed and snapping at your kids (even though we know it's your business, not them that caused it) and...if worst comes to worst...having to put your kids in daycare 9 hours a day because you have to go back to that soul-sucking 9-5 job.

You're ready to...

Look, I know you've been hustling for months without seeing it pay off the way you thought it would. And it's not like you're not freaking TRYING.

Does this sound familiar...

You’re not attracting leads with your content and the odd one you do get is less than ideal, trying to get a major discount and is zero fun to work with

❌You’re a busy Mom building your Coaching/Service-based business and you are tired of trying to do it alone (because you DO NOT want to be in the same place this time next year).

❌You're consistently showing up on social media but not getting any leads, constantly trying to create content, learning and consuming all the time only to never move forward

You don't know what to do every day to get paying clients and let's face it, you want sales like YESTERDAY

❌You want to grow a profitable audience and become a leader in your space, but you don't know how to create compelling content and grow your social media pages effectively. 


Can you imagine how it would feel to...


✅ Have your profile be discovered daily by loads of new ideal clients and grow your impact & influence to over 10K followers on Instagram

✅ Have your ideal clients landing on your Instagram, going through your page and then filling out your contact form wanting to work with you without needing a sales call

✅ Have a proven content strategy in place that you can rinse & repeat so you don't have to waste time wondering what to post

✅ Be #1 in your ideal client's minds and hit 5K+ months




  1. Membership Area

    You'll get access to the private The IDC membership area with 6 Modules each coming with a weekly step-by-step strategy plan explained in detail through training videos and easy-to-follow support guides & Bonus trainings.


  2. 1:1 Voxer Message Support

    Personalized support 1:1 on Voxer (Voice/Video messaging) to answer your questions specific to your business and what you need. No more trying to do it all on your own and having zero support.

    I know that being a business owner and a Mom can mean a crazy schedule, and so instead of only meeting for a half hour or hour long session, you get to talk to me any day you need with questions.

  3. Step-by-Step Plan

    I know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck that’s why you’ll receive each training video & guide with a simple to follow step-by-step plan so you ALWAYS know exactly what to do every single day in order to grow your Instagram full of clients wanting to work with you. 

I KNOW you're busy - that's exactly why I created this course—to help you create a super profitable social strategy in the least amount of time possible. 

You'll walk away with:

✅ A marketing system that attracts and converts your ideal client.
✅ Feeling confident selling your packages with ease, instead of feeling desperate and like you "have to" make the sale
✅ A content strategy in place so you can become the #1 coach for your ideal client, strengthen your brand, and be seen as an authority in your niche
✅ A freedom-based business model that fits the life you want to live, giving you the time to do what you want, with who you want, where you want, when you want.


It's your opportunity to create a legacy, to be able to say YES when your kids want to participate in different activities, to take the financial stress off of growing a family (because having kids shouldn't mean you also become financially stressed), and to save for those university and retirement funds.

But also for you to feel genuinely happy in your everyday and excited to wake up in the morning because you get to make and income and an impact, all while still being present for your family.

It means you are able to show up as a happy Mom, instead of the one that is feeling stressed and snappy when we both know that's not who you want to be.

Hey gorgeous! I'm Jess, Social Media Marketing Consultant and Brand & Website Designer for Coaches

 I help Online Coaches transform their business Instagram profiles into profitable marketing channels and become the go-to authority in your niche through content & marketing strategies that will establish and grow an engaged Instagram following that converts into consistent paying clients.

Building your brand is more important today than it's ever been so you can stand out from the crowd and attract your dreamy high-ticket clients. It's about having a strong message, a clear vision and owning your style. It's knowing your worth, celebrating your magic and creating a destination brand so that when your dream clients land on your Instagram page, they know they want to work with you.

It's about making your business the only logical choice for your ideal clients and turning them into raving fans and paying clients.

Which is exactly what I'm here to help you do!

Ready to grow an obsession-worthy brand and ditch the overwhelm of marketing your business while getting consistent leads in your inbox?
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